Western ... e-Round the World

Volume II, No. 1

July 2002

Reunion 2002 -- A Cruise to Western
Congratulations on our successful reunion "land cruise" came from as far away as Luxembourg, thanks to a write-up and picture in Miami's publication, "The Report," mailed and e-mailed to university faculty and staff. They also came from as close as Dayton, as seen in the card above, created by Louise Wilson Braley '50.

This year's reunion gift fund total -- $35,543 -- is the second highest class/reunion gift ever, topped only by the 25th anniversary fund in 1999. Our goal of $40,000 may yet be reached -- contributions are still being received for the Phyllis Hoyt Peabody Scholarship Fund.

The Class of '51 became the second group to be inducted into our new society celebrating the special status of alumnae who have observed their 50-year anniversaries. Congratulations, members of the Olivia Meily Brice Society -- to be known as The Meily Society to honor "Leve's" name when she was a student at "the Sem" in the mid 1860s.

Ta dah! And now for a pictorial review of our fun-filled, action-packed, star-studded weekend cruise aboard the S.S. Western

Western Night at Ernst
What better way to spend a late summer evening than enjoying Shakespeare under the stars -- in our own Ernst Nature Theatre? The Miami University Department of Theatre will present As You Like It at 730 PM August 22-25. "Western Night" will be Sunday, August 25; we will join students for dinner before the play at Clawson Dining Room. Mark your calendar and make a reservation.

Upcoming Club Meetings
Hear ye! Hear ye! Northeastern Ohio alumnae will hold a reunion picnic at the Akron home of Lois Johnson Wilson '64, on Sunday, August 18. All area Western College and Western College Program alumni and friends are invited to attend and hear "The Latest News From Western," as told by WCAA, Inc. Director, Judy Waldron.

A fall reunion of San Francisco Bay Area alums will take place on Sunday, October 20. Dean of the Western Program, Burt Kaufman, and WCAA Director, Judy Waldron, will be in attendance. As details of the program become firm, they will be posted on the web site.

Attention, Shoppers!
(Western) blue light specials at the WCAA Gift Shop include these new items, introduced at this year's Reunion Western coasters, decals, tote bag, and photo album.

You Could Look It Up*
True or false

1. The title of Dean Hoyt's memoir alludes to a line from Narka Nelson's "Alma Mater," with music by Edgar Stillman Kelley.

2. Two of Phyllis Hoyt's first encounters at Western involved Dean Helen Barbara Caine, who exclaimed over her red hair, and Professor Clara Helen Mueller, who wanted to know why she wasn't married.

3. One anecdote concerns the unsolved (but happily resolved) mystery of "the smiling lion."

Click here for answers.

* if you have a copy of Phyllis Hoyt's memoir, Where the Peonies Bloomed, now in its second printing

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