Western ... e-Round the World
Volume VI, No. 1
July 2006
It's Reunion '06 and You Are There!
Take a look at scenes celebrating Western community at our second annual All-Western Reunion -- which attracted even more Westerners and friends than our first!
Here are 175 of us -- representing classes from '42 to '07 (yes, 2007 -- never let it be said we don't plan ahead). See us meeting, greeting, and enjoying each other ... walking the campus learning how to identify a few of our most unusual trees ... parading down Western Drive, decked out in Western blue t-shirts, proudly bearing class-year signs ... attending the annual Saturday morning meeting to hear enlightening accounts of current WCAA business and WCP activities ... participating in an interactive student-led walking tour, depicting the experience of Freedom Summer '64 trainees, and afterward exchanging comments on Letters from Mississippi ... sharing our concern over the future of the Western College Program ... feasting on sumptuous food from Tuffy's toasted sweet rolls to Saturday night's elegant banquet fare ... listening to inspiring music and energizing words at the Sunday morning program in Kumler Chapel.
A great time was had by all -- including these folks:
Everything was beautifully planned and orchestrated, and the students (both helpers and non-helpers) were wonderful. Our interaction with them was very rewarding, as was meeting Western College Program alums. Class of '61

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent Western Reunion and of course seeing my classmates again and reminiscing about the past. The campus is beautifully maintained and I am really delighted to see that. I loved staying in PH dorm, for I spent all four years there. Class of '56

Thank you for such a well-planned and organized event. Everyone was very helpful -- especially the young student assistants. They were just as enthusiastic on Sunday as they were on Friday! I most especially loved combining our two "Westerns." Class of '81

Sunday's chapel service was beautiful! It was so neat to have both groups share together in a chapel that is very significant for everyone -- what better setting for our sense of community. Class of '83
Seeing is believing!
Preview at Reunion: Round-Ups on the Web
Thanks to a generous gift from The Ross Foundation, all issues of the Western College newspaper, Round-Up (published from 1930 to 1971), will soon be seen on the Archives website. (And just last year, Cathy Ross Loveland '52 and Lucy Liggett '54 were spending tedious hours researching their Bulletin article, "Radio at Western," the old-fashioned way. Hmm ...) We're up to the mid-'50s and adding issues daily. Check it out!

Christmas in July?
You meant to take your shopping list to Reunion with you, but forgot it? You didn't make it to Reunion, but heard there were some really good buys on special Western merchandise in the Gift Shop? No problem -- shop now, shop online.
Something New, Something Blue -- Western Community Dinners
For those who couldn't make the trek to Oxford for the Reunion, we'd like to have some mini-reunions around the country. We'll call them Western Community Dinners (or Lunches, as the case may be). If you are interested, drop a line to the WCAA.

Upcoming Events                         All welcome! (If questions, contact the WCAA office.)

August 1 (Tues), 9 a.m.-noon          Summer Senior Project Presentations, Leonard Theatre
August 18-20 (Fri-Sun), 7:30 p.m.    Special Theatre Production, Romeo and Juliet, Ernst Nature Theatre (free)
August 20 (Sun), 5 p.m.                  Community Picnic, Alumnae Green, followed by Convocation in Kumler Chapel
October 4 (Wed), 7:30 p.m.             Arts Series Concert, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Millett Hall (tickets required)
Your Date, Your Time here          Western Community Dinner/Lunch in Your area
June 15-17, 2007(Fri-Sun)               All-Western Reunion Western Around the World on campus

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