Western ... e-Round the World
Volume III, No. 2
December 2003

Happy Holidays!
'Tis the season of gift giving and receiving. Whichever list you are working on, why not visit our Western Gift Shop for ideas? And to save time, you can order online.

Catch the Spirit
Speaking of giving, your gifts to the Annual Fund have, among other things, helped students participate in the course "Biodiversity of Kenya". We are doing so much to continue the spirit of Western and it is because of your support. There is still time for you to make an online gift to the WCAA Annual Fund. Do it today!

What's Happening
On the Western campus, that is ... well, a very successful 30th Anniversary Celebration/Reunion for the Western Program, for one thing. Our own Sue Off Schrope '52 was in attendance throughout the weekend (November 14-16) and is reporting on events firsthand for the Spring '04 Bulletin. However, here is a sneak preview for you.

And, a sparkling holiday luncheon for our scholarship recipients, for another. Ten joined the staff at Patterson Place on December 12 to eat, drink, and be merry.

Thirty Is Something
Speaking of reunions, we hope you are planning to come to the WCAA's 30th Anniversary celebration, June 18-20, 2004. Past and present trustees -- there are more than 100 of you -- will be special honorees, so make plans now to be on campus.

You Could Look It Up*
Thirty years ago ...

1. The first president of the WCAA, Inc. was ________________, and ______________ became executive secretary.
2. The "new Western" was born, with the official name of ____________/___________; the first dean, _______________, was keynote speaker at their 30-year reunion.
3. Since 1974, there have been exactly _____ trustees of the WCAA, Inc. (Hint: For this answer, you don't need Time Present and Time Past, just check the back cover of your fall Bulletin.)

* In our 1994 commemorative publication, Time Present and Time Past (we hope it's still on your coffee table), or in the Western College Memorial Archives.

Click here for answers.

Also Selected, Upcoming Events in 2004

February 6: Turtle Island String Quartet, performing at MU, sponsored by WCAA
February 27: All-Florida Western Reunion, at Sanibel, preceding Miami's Winter College
February 28: Club meeting Washington, D.C.
June 18-20: All-Classes Reunion 2004, on the Western campus

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