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Alumnae/i Weekend 2014, June 20-22
Come and mingle among Western friends – old and new – as we discover together "The Soul of Western" in air-conditioned Peabody Hall.

Celebrate the WCAA's 40th Anniversary and commemorate Freedom Summer 1964 ... arrive early on Friday and meet classmates at the welcome center, visit the archives, participate in a Freedom Summer Walking Tour. At the invitation of Miami's President and Mrs. Hodge, members of the Western, Oxford, and Miami communities will come together in Kumler Chapel at 3:00 p.m. for a commemoration program, followed by a reception on Alumnae Hall green.
After the traditional Saturday morning parade of classes, annual meeting, and Meily Society luncheon, engage in an alumnae panel discussing their journeys from Western and experiences with civil rights and social justice. 

On Sunday, join Dr. Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins '74, former president of the National League of Women Voters, as our featured speaker. Dr. Greta Pope Wimp '74, accomplished vocalist and author, will lead the Western Choir.

So many exciting plans! Please join us … it won't be a grand celebration without YOU!



12:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. Welcome Center/Registration, Peabody Hall
1:00-5:00 p.m. All-Classes Open House, Peabody Hall
1:00-5:00 p.m. Western buildings open: Boyd Hall, Mary Lyon Hall, Presser Hall, Western Lodge
1:00-5:00 p.m. Western College Memorial Archives Open House
2:00 p.m. 50th Anniversary Class Reception, Peabody Hall
2:00 p.m. Freedom Summer Walking Tour
3:00-4:30 Freedom Summer Commemoration Program, Kumler Chapel, Freedom Summer Memorial, Alumnae Hall green
4:30 p.m. Freedom Summer Walking Tour
5:30 p.m. Reception, Western Dining Commons
6:00 p.m. Welcome Dinner, Western Dining Commons
Following dinner – Western Social, Peabody Hall

7:30-8:30 a.m. Breakfast, Peabody Hall
8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Welcome Center/Registration, Peabody Hall
9:00 a.m. Western Parade of Classes, meet in front of Peabody Hall
9:30 a.m. Annual Meeting, Peabody Hall
11:00 a.m. Class Meetings, Peabody Hall
11:00 a.m. Western College Program Alumni Association General Meeting
12:00 p.m. Western College Alumnae Association Luncheon to honor Meily Society (50th anniversary class and up), Western Dining Commons
12:00 p.m. Western College Program Picnic Lunch and group photo
Following luncheon – Class Photos for the Classes of 1939, 1944, 1949, 1954, and 1959, Western Dining Commons
2:00-5:00 p.m. Western buildings open: Boyd Hall, Kumler Chapel, Mary Lyon Hall, Presser Hall, Western Lodge
2:30 p.m. Alumnae/I Panel Discussion, Miami University Art Museum
5:30 p.m. Reception and Class Photos, Western Dining Commons
6:30 p.m. Celebration Banquet, Western Dining Commons
Following banquet – Aquarius Café, Western Dining Commons

7:30 - 9:30 a.m. Breakfast, Peabody Hall
8:30 a.m. Choir Practice, Kumler Chapel
9:30 a.m. Kumler Chapel Closing Service
10:30 a.m. Farewell Brunch, Western Dining Commons
12:00 p.m. Check Out


















Make a Gift

To make a 2014 Class Gift, go to the WCAA giving page on Miami's secure giving site, complete the necessary information, enter your gift under Alumnae/i Weekend Fund/Class Gift. To transfer stock, call the office at 513-529-4400.

2014 Class Gifts will support the Western College Legacy
and Archives.

See Who's Coming (as of June 17)
Marjorie Lloyd Liggett
Mary Jane Liggett Matson '49
Jane Lloyd Cantoni '50
Elizabeth Sipe Gerber '52
Sue Off Schrope '52
Joan Willitts Glatte '53
Barbara Johnson Mecklenborg '53
Priscilla Strand Berry '54
Virginia Cottingham Gamertsfelder '54
Lucy Ann Liggett '54
Kay Williams '55
Ellyn Talbott Bogan '57
Jane Smucker Fryman '58
Mary F. Baker '59
Mary Jo Porter Brown '59
Judy McMillion Custer '59
Cathy Bauer Cooper '60
Beverly Brown Workman '60
Sharry Patterson Addison '61
Anne Adkins Weissenborn '61
Lorretta Ryder '63
Nia Jones Terry '63
Daphne Ostle Allen '64
Janet Wood Beavan '64
Linda Baker Beavers '64
Joynce Shaw Benbow '64
Marion Ginman Classen '64
Martha Cowden '64

Suzanne Bognar Cunningham '64
Faith Evans '64
Jane Pataky Henderson '64
Yvette Small Hohler '64
Nancy Bergmann Killough '64
Deanna Weaver Kleckner '64
Nancy McGregor Nowak '64
Marcia Randlett Oder '64
Sydney Schiller Pfeifer '64
Jeanne Phillips Rannells '64
Susan Tillinghast Segal '64
Patricia Spokes Snowden '64
Nancy Van Vleck von Allmen '64
Gay Walker '64
Beverly A. Wells '64

Janet Smith Dickerson-Stephens '65
Sylvia Stanfield '65
Hazel Williams Drew '66
Suzanne Detlefsen Meyers '66
Barbara Williamson Wentz '68
Julie Cook Downing '69
Gretchen Schmidt Grzelak '69
Betsy Phillipson Kensinger '69
Nancy Wilson Kobayashi '69
Karen Kling Plumb '69
Lynnette Jones Turner '69
Pamela Watts Coates '70
Patricia Pinkowski '70
Rita Greene '73
Adelaide Roberts Harris '74
Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins '74
Chris Moranda '74
Betsy Salt '74
Sheila Colligan Sobel '74
Joan Hagan Stoutenborough '74
Greta Pope Wimp '74
Jocelyn Woodson-Reed '74
Pheetta Wilkinson '76
Kent Ernsting '78
Alan Kalish '81
Tim Matune '81
Kirk Davis '83
Alicia Broderick '90
Michael Conaway '90
Benjamin Gibbons '94

Shiree Hough '08
Jessica Slack Yagi '08
H. Davida Popik '10
Hannah Mills '13
Kim Ernsting FA
Curtis Ellison FF
William Gracie FF
Judy Waldron HA

Peabody Hall summer renovations have been postponed. Campus housing will be provided in Peabody and pillows, bed linens, blankets and towels will be provided.

Off-campus housing is available at:
Best Western
until May 21


Ground transportation to/from the airports may be arranged through:

Oxford Limousine Service - Need-a-Ride inc.
Serving all airports 24 hours, 800-891-0064, 513-523-6840

Airport Shuttle Service
Serving all airports 24 hours, 513-896-6605
Visa and Mastercard accepted

Denny's Airport Shuttle Service
Serving all airports 24 hours, 513-259-5554

On Campus
Enter Western Drive at the south entrance, near the Miami University Art Museum. The north entrance is closed due to construction.

Shuttle cars will be provided on campus.