325 S. Patterson Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056
Phone: 513-529-4400
Fax: 513-529-7400
Email: wcaa@miamioh.edu

Campus Housing

Housing assignment in air-conditioned Stonebridge Hall will be done by classes. Stonebridge Hall is located next to the Western Dining Commons and is nicely furnished with ample restrooms, including facilities for persons with mobility impairment.

Off-campus Housing

Available on a limited basis at the Best Western of Oxford at a special rate for our group. For reservations, please call Best Western: 513-523-0000.

Airport Shuttles

Airport Shuttle Service

Denny's Shuttle Service

Empire Transportation

Statzer Services



Planning To Attend

Jane Lloyd Cantoni 1950
Betty Sipe Gerber 1952
Cathy Bauer Cooper 1960
Sharry Patterson Addison 1961
Anne Adkins Weissenborn 1961
Lynne Drucker Albukerk 1964
Patricia Snowden 1964
Judy Dudman Henderson 1962
Loretta Ryder 1963
Yvette Small Hohler 1964
Marcia Randlett Oder 1964
Janet Smith Dickerson-Stephens 1965
Frances Hoffman 1965
Sylvia Stanfield 1965
Suzanne Lutz May 1966
Ann Walton 1966
Susan Blake 1968
Jennifer French Sponsler 1968
Barbara Williamson Wentz 1968
Louise Adkins-Ellis 1969
B.J. Gibbons Bramlett 1969
Marjorie Lewis Franklin 1969
Linda Galantin 1969
Annette Bevan Gallagher 1969
Gretchen Schmidt Grzelak 1969
Toni Vaughn Heineman 1969
Britt Henne 1969
Nancy Wilson Kobayashi 1969
Pamela Baldwin Lustig 1969
Gertrude Muller Moore 1969
Carolann Herrold Sharp 1969
Stevie Bentzen Snook 1969
Lynnette Jones Turner 1969
Mary Sullivan Webster 1969
Pamela Watts Coates 1970
Christine Moranda 1974
Pheetta Wilkinson 1976