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Oxford, OH 45056
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WCAA Alumnae Weekend
June 9-11, 2017

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What an exciting year lies ahead! That excitement peaks at Alumnae/i Weekend, June 9 to 11, 2017. We are urging ALL Westerners to come to Oxford for this super special reunion.

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, we will be dedicating our completed Western College Legacy Circle

What better way to experience what you have created than to be here for the ribbon-cutting? Come ponder the symbolism in the design -- the central college seal with radiating compass points. Find your name inscribed on the walkway and border tiles. Read the history of Western College on the bench panels. You will be so proud of this beautiful granite memorial that will tell our story for generations to come.

We are expecting the largest reunion attendance in years. All classes are invited to join with anniversary classes in a weekend of activities designed to keep you engaged, as well as leave time for you to catch up with each other.

So, c'mon folks! The dates again are June 9 to 11, 2017. Mark your calendars and plan to be here. You'll be glad you did.

Hazel Williams Drew '66
Reunion Chair










Reunion Roll Call

Jane Alexander Durrell '47
Betty Huttenbauer Heldman '49
Arline Bartizal Proctor '49
Jane Lloyd Cantoni '50
Betty Sipe Gerber '52
Joanne Dubois Shafer '52
M. Joan Landenberger Trefts '52
Barbara Johnson Mecklenborg '53
Pris Strand Berry '54
Charlotte Leary Ross '56
Paula Zearley Armstrong '57
Ellyn Talbott Bogan '57
Dru Zearley Clingman '57
Sue Mayer Falter '57
Charlotte Klein Varzi '57
Jane Smucker Fryman '58
Sara White Arn '60
Catherine Bauer Cooper '60
Mary Flagler Rachau '60
Sharry Patterson Addison '61
Anne Adkins Weissenborn '61
Mary Jane Dillon Bohl '62
Judy Dudman Henderson '62
Miriam Bower Larmore '62
Loretta Ryder '63
Nia Jones Terry '63
Evie Small Hohler '64
Patricia Spokes Snowden '64


Janet Smith Dickerson Stephens '65
Hazel Williams Drew '66
Fran Hoffman '65
Sylvia Stanfield '65
Suzanne Lutz May '66
Suzanne Detlefsen Meyers '66
Ann Walton '66
Heather Antell Abed '67
Martha Daily Alexander '67
Muriel Gillette Alexander '67
Joan Barenholtz '67
Elisa Kessler Caporale '67
Janina Chadwick '67
Penelope Corcoran Decker '67
Jane Gayley DuBois '67
Elaine Harris Gomperts '67
Kathleen Hanisko Jaffee '67
Carolyn Sparks Kokalis '67
Cheryl Christian Kugler '67
Blanche S. Kung '67
Carol Stone Lehman '67
Gloria Tumino Molella '67
Diane Eby Ozbal '67
Rauni Pellikka '67
Stephanie Smith Siegfried '67
Kathy Ehrgood Sturm '67
Jane Underwood '67
JoAnn Brombaugh Wittmann '67
Barbara Williamson Wentz '68
Pam Watts Coates '70
Pat Pinkowski '70

Valerie Dickson-Horton '71
Sharon Sullivan '72
Renee Harris Yates '72
Rita Greene '73
Peggy Littell Strang '73
Rebecca Doherty '74
Chris Moranda '74
Betsy Salt '74
Jocelyn Woodson-Reed '74
Pheetta Graham Wilkinson '76
Timothy Matune '81
Beth Merrill Dixon '86
Scott Dixon '86
Beth McNellie '86
Diane Wright '86
Michael S. Conaway '90
Karen Dollinger '90
Karla Schneider Guinigundo '99
Mike Loeffelman '03
Miranda Wilson '04
Karen Gotter '05
Katie Gibson '06
Thad Kerosky '07
Kara Love '07
Zach Moning '07
Audree Riddle Boggs '10
William Gracie
Judy Waldron