March 2015

Going GREEN with Lean

In the upcoming publication of the first “Sustainability at Miami University – Triennial Highlights Report “, the Sustainability Committee notes the contribution that “going green”, one of Miami’s Lean breakthrough objectives, has made towards the University’s sustainability goals. As stated in their report, one-third of the lean projects have included “green” initiatives. 

The Committee itself has recommended two lean projects: 

  1. Fleetcom, which is a spin-off of the committee’s work to reduce the University’s carbon footprint through a more “green” university fleet and more sustainable approaches to campus commuting.
  2. Greenspecs, which seeks to identify and institutionalize a set of sustainability practices for our buildings and grounds. 

The output from both of these projects is expected to further the attainment of Miami’s Sustainability Commitments and Goals (SCAG).

The Solid Waste Lean Team is one illustration of SCAG in action. Although this team ended in 2013, it continues to review and refine our waste reduction strategies.

In addition to helping to meet the University’s SCAG goals, PFD’s 2020 Plan objective of exposing all employees to Lean is being aided by the work of Anna Ginsky, an Institute for the Environment and Sustainability Master’s candidate. Using Lean and Green as her point of entry, Anna has worked with Al Ryan, Jeremy Davis, and her academic advisor, Dr. Sarah Dumyahn, to create a one-hour introduction to Lean, which she is presenting to small groups within the department. More than 20 PFD employees have participated in these training sessions.

Certification News

Tara Britton (HDRBS), Sherri Bowling (HDRBS) and Cindy Lewis (HR) have completed all requirements for the Lean certification program and are now Senior Lean Leaders. Congratulations Tara, Sherri and Cindy!

Miami would also like to congratulate the following staff members who have been selected to enter the Senior Lean Leader Certification program for spring 2015: Shawn Britton (HR), Larry Davidson (PFD), Kelly Donathan (Parking), Michael Dobias (HDRBS), Steve Feck (PFD), Tyler Gau (HDRBS), Jesse Horn (PFD), Melissa Kennel (MUPD), Kathy Kihm (Grants & Contracts), Yvette Kline (PFD), Mary Jane Leveline (HR), Nicki Russell (University Advancement), Dean Smith (HDRBS), Dawn White (Enrollment Management), and Kevin Wilson (University Advancement). These staff members have just entered a 24-30 month program which includes both training and Lean project participation and leadership. After completion of the program, they will earn the title of Senior Lean Leader and will be ambassadors for continuous improvement.