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In 2006, Miami University adopted the EthicsPoint program to provide faculty, staff, and students with a confidential and anonymous method for reporting illegal, unethical, or other conduct that violates Miami's policies. EthicsPoint has a dedicated toll-free hotline for Miami University reports at 1-866-294-9544 and an Internet-based reporting system at

Miami is committed to preventing, detecting, and correcting violations of law and University policy. These violations are most often the result of lack of information, inadvertence, or mistake. On rare occasions violations are the result of deliberate misconduct. EthicsPoint provides us with the opportunity to correct our own mistakes.

EthicsPoint does NOT alter any established University policies or procedures. Our policies and procedures are designed to protect the individual rights of faculty and staff and foster freedom of inquiry.

  • From time to time, we all receive anonymous complaints. The purpose of EthicsPoint is simply to provide an alternative anonymous complaint process for those who do not feel sufficiently empowered to come forward with complaints about conduct that is illegal, or is in violation of the ethics rules or some other University policy.
  • The benefit of EthicsPoint is that the University will now have the opportunity to respond to the anonymous reporter. Generally, it has been our experience that the author of an anonymous complaint is often simply uninformed or misinformed. In those instances where the anonymous complaint is based on inaccurate or incomplete information, we will be able to respond and address the inaccuracy or misinformation.
  • Complaints about the quality of instruction or violations of good teaching practice will continue to be handled under Section 5.2 of the Miami University Policy and Information Manual (MUPIM) and Appendix L of the Student Handbook. Persons who file complaints with EthicsPoint will be directed to use those procedures.
  • Grievance and disciplinary matters will continue to be addressed through current policies which afford due process and are designed to protect the rights of faculty and staff.
  • Complaints regarding harassment and discrimination will continue to be referred to the Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity.

If you have any concerns about the use or impact of EthicsPoint, please contact the Office of General Counsel.