Roudebush Hall
Roudebush Hall, home of Miami's administrative offices

Academic and Division Deans

Arts and Science, College of

Chris Makaroff (Interim)
143 Upham Hall

Business, Farmer School of

Matthew B. Myers
3075 Farmer School of Business Building

Creative Arts, College of

Elizabeth R. Mullenix
104 Center for the Performing Arts

Education, Health, and Society, College of

Susan Mosely Howard (Interim)
202 McGuffey Hall

Engineering and Computing, College of

Marek Dollár
106 Benton Hall

Graduate School

James T. Oris
102 Roudebush Hall

University Libraries

Jerome Conley
225 King Library

Professional Studies and Applied Sciences, College of

G. Michael Pratt
MU Hamilton, 202 Mosler, 513 785-3200
MU Middletown, 114 Johnston, 513-727-3211
Voice of America Learning Center, 513 895-8862

John E. Dolibois European Center

Thierry Leterre
Château de Differdange
1,Impasse du Château
L-4524 Differdange
G.D. of Luxembourg 011-352-582222-1
Fax 011-352-582222-204
From any Miami University phone: 9-5050