Roudebush Hall
Roudebush Hall, home of Miami's administrative offices


Executive Staff

James T. Oris, Associate Provost of Research and Graduate School Dean
Graduate School
Dr. Oris manages the research and sponsored programs office for the university, including pre-award functions for externally funded grants and contracts; intellectual property and patents; compliance for animal subjects, human subjects, and export controls; and undergraduate and faculty research programs. He is the chief administrator of graduate programs, including recruiting, admissions, and student support; student retention; guidelines and policies; and program quality. He chairs the Graduate Council and Academic Program Review Committees and is ex officio on and provides management support for the Animal Care and Use Committee, Human Subjects Research Committee (IRB), Faculty Research Committee, and Undergraduate Research Committee.

Carolyn A. Haynes, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
Dr. Haynes oversees the University's accreditation reaffirmation process, undergraduate academic advising, interdisciplinary initiatives, new faculty orientation, transfer and articulation issues with the Ohio Board of Regents, University Senate, undergraduate academic policy, and probationary reviews of faculty. Reporting lines include Office of Liberal Education, University Honors Program, Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching and University Assessment, and Howe Center for Writing Excellence.

Raymond F. Gorman, Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Gorman works with others on the Provost’s staff in areas of budgets and personnel.  This semester he has also been co-chairing the Partnerships Committee to advance the University further along foundational goal three of the Miami 2020 Plan. Other areas of responsibilities include the Ad hoc Career Services Committee and the College of Arts and Science Dean Search Committee.

Janet L. Cox, Assistant Provost
Academic Personnel Services
Dr. Cox oversees the office of Academic Personnel Services which facilitates employment opportunities for faculty and academic staff positions, processes formal offers of employment and hiring requirements, maintains the payroll and personnel database for faculty, academic staff and graduate assistants, supports and processes all personnel matters, e.g. annual appointments, leaves, promotions, work authorizations, position changes, salary increments, etc. In addition, Dr. Cox provides guidance for academic leadership on policies and employment law and is responsible for compliance in these areas for Academic Affairs, along with consulting on issues related to academic personnel.

Beth Rubin, Assistant Provost
eLearning Miami
Dr. Rubin leads efforts to enhance student learning through the use of technology and build internal and external relationships that will identify areas of focus, including new degree and certificate programs and moving existing programs online. She also oversees collaboration and partnerships, developing new undergraduate and graduate online courses, certificate and degree programs; providing analysis and instructional design support for course development and enhancing existing course and curriculum initiatives; providing instructor training in multimedia platforms, teaching strategies and outcome-based assessment; and developing and/or improving quality standards for online courses and programs.

Cheryl Young, Assistant Provost
Global Initiatives
Cheryl Young leads the Global Initiatives team in support of comprehensive internationalization at Miami University with a focus on sustaining and expanding student mobility, international partnerships, faculty globally focused efforts, and diverse co-curricular programming. Units reporting to Global Initiatives include International Student & Scholar Services, Study Abroad, the Center for American & World Cultures, Continuing Education, and the Confucius Institute.

Denise Krallman, Director
Institutional Research
Ms. Krallman provides information on students and faculty/staff for university planning, policy making, and decision making activities through statistical analysis, data analysis and report generation. Ms. Krallman is the liaison between the university and the Ohio Board of Regents on Higher Education Information data issues, the U.S. Department of Education-NCES, and the National Student Clearinghouse. Additionally, Ms. Krallman responds to external data requests; advises faculty, staff and students on survey design, data collection and data analysis; and maintains collaborative relationships with offices such as Enrollment Management, Information Technology, and University Communication.

Lindsay Carpenter, Manager
Budget and Operations
Lindsay Carpenter manages the Provost's Office budgets and surrounding operational process for budgets that report to Academic Affairs. Ms. Carpenter assists in budget analysis and planning for Academic Affairs units. She is the liaison between Academic Affairs and the Physical Facilities Department for space allocation and renovation and building projects, as well as with IT for project coordination. In addition, she serves on the Space Utilization Group Committee, Oxford Pride Award Committee, Classroom Enhancement Council, IT Academic and IT Administrative Planning Committees, Fiscal Priorities Committee, and Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) Committee.

Administrative Staff

Becky Sander, Executive Assistant for Administrative Services

Becky Sander provides assistance to the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education; coordinates promotion and tenure and probationary review materials; organizes materials for University accreditation; maintains the Office of the Provost website; coordinates the Provost e-newsletter; facilitates evaluation of academic administrators; and, files University policies in the Ohio Administrative Code.

Stacy Kawamura, Executive Assistant to the Provost 

Stacy Kawamura provides assistance to the Provost; serves as secretary to the Awards and Recognition Committee;coordinates the agendas for the Council of Academic Deans; assists in maintaining the Office of the Provost website and eNewsletter;serves as the Recording Secretary of University Senate, provides staff support for the Executive Committee of University Senate; records the Senate minutes, updates governance documents, and maintains the website and historical records of University Senate; provides staff support for the appointments to University Senate committees and maintains the minutes of committees of University Senate.