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Academic Affairs Policy on Endowed Position Appointments

All appointments to an endowed position must be approved in writing by the Provost and are subject to the following terms:

  1. Only tenured and tenure track members of the faculty are eligible for appointment to an endowed position unless otherwise expressly provided for by the terms of the endowment.
  2. An appointment to an endowed position (i.e., endowed professorship) must be for a defined term not to exceed five academic years unless otherwise expressly provided for by the terms of the endowment.
  3. An appointment to an endowed position may be renewable if so specified in the Endowment Agreement. The terms of renewal should be set forth in the initial appointment letter. Any reappointment to an endowed position must be preceded by a satisfactory formal evaluation. Decisions concerning reappointment will be made by the Provost upon the recommendation of the Dean.
  4. Endowed positions provide faculty with important resources to promote their teaching, scholarship, and creative activity. In order to enhance the impact of endowed positions on both the individual and his or her colleague’s, faculty should make every effort to reduce or forego their draw on departmental and university resources.
  5. Faculty member’s endowed appointment is not going to be renewed, the faculty member should be given as much notice as practicable. Normally, written notice of the decision not to renew the faculty member’s endowed appointment for an additional term should be made no later than March 1 in the final year of the term.
  6. The Provost may at any time remove the faculty member from an endowed appointment. Reasons for removal include, but are not limited to, failure to perform duties in a satisfactory manner, violation of University rules, regulations or policies and/or directives of the President or Board of Trustees, violation of professional ethics or commission of an illegal act.
  7. Faculty whose term in an endowed position has expired have up to one year to expend any salary or professional expense supplement attributable to the endowment.

Established: February 22, 2010