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Promotion and Tenure Timeline

Effective 2014–2015
March 15

Candidate informs chair and dean about intention to apply for promotion and tenure

April 15

Candidate submits recommendations for external reviewers

May 1

In consultation with the dean, the chair selects external reviewers

June 1

Candidate submits materials for external reviewers to chair

June 15

Chair sends candidate’s materials to external reviewers with deadline

August 15–September 1

Deadline for receipt of external review letters

August 15

Candidate submits complete dossier to chair and department P&T committee

September 21

Departmental promotion and tenure committee review letter sent to chair

October 1 (for CAS)
October 7 (for other divisions)

Chair’s letter submitted to academic dean

October 1–21

Divisional committee reviews candidate’s materials

October 10–November 1

Dean meets with divisional committee. If the dean’s intended recommendation is at variance with department’s recommendation, dean discusses decision with department. Dean also notifies candidates in writing of dean’s decision.

Within 10 working days of being informed but no later than November 15

Deadline to request reconsideration of negative promotion and tenure actions and submission of new evidence

On or before November 30

Dean/divisional committee reconsiders & renders decision on negative promotion and tenure actions

December 1

Promotion and tenure materials sent to the Office of the Provost

January 15

University Promotion and Tenure recommendations sent to Provost. Provost informs candidates (within ten working days)

January 25

Provost sends positive recommendations to President

Within ten working days of being informed of negative recommendation

Candidates receiving negative recommendations may request reconsideration and submit new evidence so long as the additional material was dated November 15 or earlier.

February Trustees Meeting

President reports positive recommendations to the Board of Trustees

Note: If the deadline date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline date will occur on the following Monday.