Associated Student Government Resolution

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Student Resolution SR021529

A Resolution Reaffirming Support for the Adoption of a Guaranteed Tuition Program

Submitted to Student Senate
Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Whereas: Rising tuition costs cause financial strain on many Miami University students and college students in general

Whereas: Many Miami University students accept scholarships, loans, grants, and financial aid to pay for their tuition

Whereas: Financial security increases a student’s retention rate and likelihood of graduation

Whereas: Several other private and public universities around the country and in Ohio have adopted similar Tuition Guarantee Programs

Whereas: Student Senate passed SR 020411 “A Resolution Supporting a Guaranteed Tuition Program” in April of 2014

Whereas: Student Senate passed SR021501 “A Resolution Reaffirming Support for a Guaranteed Tuition Program” in February of 2015;

Therefore be it resolved: On behalf of the Student Body, the Student Senate reaffirms its support for a Guaranteed Tuition Program


Andrew Fosina, 1st District Off Campus
Senator Kalen Banks, 5th Off Campus Senator


Connor O’Hearn, VP of Finance
Alex Dunlap, 2nd District Off Campus Senator
Shalin Shah, 2nd District Off Campus Senator