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Service Learning Courses

Miami University defines Service-Learning as "an experiential pedagogical practice that uses action and reflection to meet needs and enhance learning through mutually beneficial, reciprocal partnerships."

Faculty may apply for the Service-Learning (SL) Designation by submitting their syllabus to the Office of Community Engagement and Service (OCES) at Hanna House.

The course must meet the following broad criteria:

  • The course has a formal, academic curriculum that is rooted in the discipline in which the course is offered
  • The course provides structured opportunities, in and out of class, for students to connect their service activities to the course curriculum
  • The course contains academically relevant and well organized community based learning projects, developed in authentic partnership with community leadership, through which students directly serve a constituency
  • Assessment is defined in course grading and learning objectives
  • Community based learning is incorporated into the course's learning objectives
  • Faculty seeking the "SL" Designation for a course will submit the syllabus and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Service Plan to the Office of Community Engagement and Service

Email OCES to begin the SL and MOU process »

'Plus One' credits for individual students

Faculty who choose not to embed Service-Learning into the course for all students may choose the option of a 'plus one' credit for students who wish to participate in service that is related to the course content. Faculty must email OCES to request the Service-Learning Extra Credit Option forms and also obtain an independent study form from OneStop.