Service Learning Courses

Professor and students at Business Quotient launch, FSB
Professor speaks to his class in language lab, CAS
Professor Scott Hartley, wearing protective glasses, talks with students in the lab, CAS

Miami University defines Service-Learning as "an experiential pedagogical practice that uses action and reflection to meet needs and enhance learning through mutually beneficial, reciprocal partnerships."

Faculty may apply for the Service-Learning (SL) Designation by submitting their syllabus to the Wilks Leadership Institute at Armstrong.

The course must meet the following broad criteria:

  • The course has a formal, academic curriculum that is rooted in the discipline in which the course is offered
  • The course provides structured opportunities, in and out of class, for students to connect their service activities to the course curriculum
  • The course contains academically relevant and well organized community based learning projects, developed in authentic partnership with community leadership, through which students directly serve a constituency
  • Assessment is defined in course grading and learning objectives
  • Community based learning is incorporated into the course's learning objectives
  • Faculty seeking the "SL" Designation for a course will submit the syllabus and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Service Plan to the Office of Community Engagement and Service

Visit the Wilks Faculty Engagement page to begin the process