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5-31-20 Message to Community
In this message the provost linked to the administration's statement that Miami unequivocally condemns racism and injustice, and reiterated our commitment to diversity and inclusion. He also shared good news about overall course evaluations for the spring semester.
5-28-20 Message to Community
Provost reminded community that the groups (including COAD, Senate members, administration and others) who are working on a plan for a safe return to campus continue to meeting regularly. There are also positive indicators for the 2020 income class and Brent Shock and others from EMSS will provide an update via a virtual town hall presentation hosted by University Senate on June 5. Other updates include: 1)Guidance for faculty and staff released. 2) Guidance for return to research released, 3) Guidance for fall class planning released, 4) Resources for faculty contemplating future teaching options, 5) AAO return to campus agenda items and 6) Bulk ordering of PPE and other supplies for fall and a reminder about the online June meeting of the Board of Trustees.
5-27-20 Message to Community
The provost provided preliminary information about plans to return to campus in the fall including what may likely be some of the safety guidelines and requirements in order to do so.
5-21-20 Message to Community
Topics included: 1) Reminder and info and links to listen to/watch the June 5 Town Hall (hosted by Senate) with EMSS and the topics that will be covered, 2) positive Miami alumni/staff/faculty COVID-related stories, 3) update of the committee working on plan for a safe return to campus in the fall, and the link to the recent, successful virtual commencement ceremony.
5-15-20 Message-to-Community
Information included a link to view the online/virtual commencement ceremony, general update regarding current planning for summer courses and fall semester, highlights of offices/staff who are preparing for all future scenarios, and notice that he will be planning another town hall virtual meeting with Brent Shock, VP for EMSS, in early June.
5-7-20 Message to Community
The provost provided info regarding planning for courses for fall semester, including a possible modified scenario of delivering courses using in-class and online instruction. Other topics included: 1) Senate proclamation of gratitude to the campus and community, 2) Tech Fees, 3) Excellence in Academic Advising Award, 4) Appreciation for Support Services, 5) Summer Reading Program Update, 6) Undergraduates should not be returning to campus for research and 7) Return to campus student “town hall”
5-4-20 Message to CommunityArticle
Topics included: 1) Student emergency fund update, 2) Budget corner- review of a basic principle, 3) Reporting Remote Meeting and/or Class Disruptions, and 4) Some examples of how we have met the COVID-19 challenge
4-30-20 Message to Community
Updates included: 1) Highest ever national fellowship count, 2) Undergraduate Research Forum, 3) Speech Pathology and Audiology coming through for our students, 4) Institute for Food update and 5) Return to Campus committees
4-25-20 Message to Community
Topics and updates include: 1) Summer Courses Online, 2) Academic Affairs Return to Campus—shared governance working groups, 3) Tune in to our Undergraduate Research Forum, 4) Commencement information coming Monday and 5)Update from the Humanities Center