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Academic Policy Committee


The functions of the Academic Policy Committee are to advise the Provost and make recommendations to University Senate on policy related to educational programs, requirements, and standards (for example: grading policy for undergraduates, methods of instruction, evaluation of instruction, advising and counseling for undergraduate students and programs, admissions, retention, and financial aid); to report regularly to Senate; and to consult with and advise the Provost about all other matters of academic policy affecting the University.


Six (6) faculty members, one from each academic division and at least one of whom shall be a member of University Senate

One (1) unclassified staff member.

Two (2) undergraduate students.

One (1) graduate student.

Two (2) ex officio, non-voting members

  • One (1) representative from the Office of Academic Affairs
  • One (1) representative from the Office of the University Registrar


Chair, Eric Marinich, (ACC), FSB,

Senate Liaison: Dana Cox (MTH). CAS,

Faculty and Staff

Term ends August 2019

Diana Royer, (LLW), CLAAS,

Tracy Featherstone, (ART), CCA,

Term ends August 2020

Dana Cox, (MTH). CAS,

Mandy Euen, (EMSS), UPAC,

Eric Marinich, (ACC), FSB,

Term ends August 2021

Lucian Szlizewski, (EDL), EHS,

Kumar Singh, (MME), CEC,

Undergraduate Students

Annika Fowler, ASG, 


Graduate Student


Ex officio/nonvoting

Carolyn Haynes, Provost Office,

Mandy Euen, Office of the University Registrar,