2D Media Studies- for Art Education Majors

(18 hours minimum)

To provide 2D media studio depth and focus to Art Education majors in one or more of the following concentrations: Photography, Printmaking, and Painting.

The minor in two dimensional media studies explores art processes, developing concepts and techniques relevant to the materials, methods, and critically informed aesthetic thinking inherent in making visual art in two dimensions.

Two-dimensional concentrations in the department include photography, printmaking, and painting. The minor encourages breadth of exploration balanced with a requirement for a two-course focus in one concentration.

A minimum 2.50 GPA is required for admittance to the minor and is required for all courses in the minor. Students planning to take this minor should consult a faculty advisor in photography, printmaking, or painting.

Program requirements

Take one of these: (3 hrs. total)

ART 111 Visual Fundamentals (3)

ARC 113 Graphic Media I (2) or

ARC 114 Graphic Media II (2)

EAS 102 Problem Solving and Design (3)

Take one of these: (3 hrs. total)

ART 121 Drawing I (3)

ART 122 Drawing II (3)

Take one of these: (3 hrs. total)

ART 231 Painting I (3)

ART 241 Printmaking I (3)

ART 257 Photography (3)

Complete NINE hours from focus tracks, (at least 6 of the 9 hours in one track):

Photography I

ART 357 Photography II (3)

ART 358 Photography III (3)

ART 457 Photography IV (3)

Painting I

ART 332 Painting III (3)

ART 431 Painting IV (3)

ART 390 Supplemental Problems (1-3) or

ART 490 Supplemental Problems (1-3)

Printmaking I

ART 341 Printmaking II (3)

ART 342 Printmaking III (3)

ART 441 Printmaking IV (3)

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