Art Education- Master of Arts

For information, contact:
Graduate Director for Art Education
Department of Art
124 Art Building (513-529-2900)

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Graduate School requirements, you must meet departmental requirements. Requirements include an undergraduate major or minor in art or art education with preference for certification/licensure to teach art. Multi-age Visual Arts Licensure through the State of Ohio is not a graduate requirement. Those wishing to earn licensure may do so concurrently at the undergraduate level.

Submit the following to the graduate director for art education at the time you apply to the Graduate School: 12 slides of studio work or evidence of comparable work, a written statement of intent to pursue graduate work, and three letters of recommendation. Instructional and other resources of the department determine the number of applicants accepted.

The deadline for a graduate assistantship award application is Feb. 1. For part-time work on the M.A., an application may be submitted throughout the academic year.

Program Requirements

(30 semester hours)

As a culminating experience for this program, an exhibition, professional speech, article, or oral examination (if you are writing a thesis) is required. You must complete this project at least 35 days before you graduate.

If you choose an exhibit, speech, or article, you must meet with each member of your graduate committee before you complete 24 hours of course work, and you must follow the guidelines, available from the graduate director.

If you choose to write a thesis, an oral examination is required. You must inform the graduate director of your decision to write a thesis before you complete 10 hours of course work so that a committee is selected and your thesis proposal is approved.

Program Outline (30 semester hours)

Art education core

ART 603 Development of Philosophical Foundations in Art Education (3)

ART 604 Research in Art Education (3)

ART 605 Current Issues in Art Education (3)

ART 606 Graduate Seminar in Art Education (3)

Depth content area

Minimum of nine semester hours in one of these depth content areas: Metals, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and general crafts (9)

Art history (3)

Advised electives (6)

(If you choose to write a thesis, select ART 700 Thesis for at least six and no more than 12 hours of electives.)

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