Arts Management

(18 semester hours)

For entry restrictions and more information contact the Department of Management, 3056 FSB (513-529-4215).

Increased public interest in the arts has created a need for fine arts and business professionals who are prepared for management responsibilities in arts councils, museums, art centers, galleries, orchestras, and theatres.

This minor has two options: one for business majors and one for fine arts majors. Business majors must plan an individualized program with the arts management adviser in the appropriate department. Fine arts majors must plan courses with the assistance of their business adviser.

Core Requirements (10 hours)

All of these:

SCA 182 Experiencing the Arts (1, repeatable)

SCA 201 Introduction to Arts Management (3)

SCA 340 Arts Management Internship (3)

SCA 410 Advanced Topics in Arts Management (3)

Program Requirements: For Business Majors (9 hours)

Six credit hours from these:

ARC 188 Ideas in Architecture (3) (MPF IIA, IIB, H)

ARC 426 Architecture and Society (3)*

ART 181 Concepts in Art (MPF IIA) (3)

ART 185 India and Southeast Asia (3) (MPF IIA, IIB, IIIB, H)

ART 186 China, Korea, and Japan (3) (MPF IIA, IIB, IIIB, H)

ART 187 History of Western Art: Prehistoric to Gothic (3) (MPF IIA, IIB, H)

ART 188 History of Western Art: Renaissance to Modern (3) (MPF IIA, IIB, H)

ART 455 20th Century Design and Culture (3)

MUS 135 Jazz: Its History and Evolution (3) (MPF IIA, IIIA, H)

MUS 185 The Survey of African Music in the Diaspora (3)

MUS 189 Great Ideas in Western Music (3) (MPF IIA, H)

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis (3) (MPF IIA)* or

THE 103 Introduction to Theatre: Production and Performance I (1) (MPF IIA)* or

THE 104 Introduction to Theatre: Production and Performance II (1)

THE 191 Theatre Appreciation (3) (MPF IIA, H)

THE 393 Cultural, Ethnic, and Gender Issues in Dramatic Literature (3)

THE 490 Theatre and a Cultural Aesthetic (3)*

At least three credit hours from these:

ART 111 Visual Fundamentals 2-D (3)

ART 121 Beginning Drawing (3)

ART 171 Visual Fundamentals 3-D

Any current music ensemble:

KNH 110A&B Beginning Ballet and Beginning Ballet II (2)

KNH 110G Modern Dance (2)

KNH 110R Jazz (2)

KNH 110S Social Dance - Men (2)

KNH 110T Social Dance - Women (2)

THE 123 Acting for the Non-Major (3)

THE 200 Production and Performance Practicum (1-8)

Program Requirements: For Fine Arts Majors

Complete one of the following series of courses:

Take 3 courses (9 hours) from the following:

ACC 221 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)

ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics (3)

ESP 201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3)

MGT 111 Introduction to Business (3) (MPF IIC)

MKT 291 Principles of Marketing (3)


SBI1 Business Institute for Non-Business Students Thematic Sequence:

BUS 301 Macro Concepts in Contemporary Business (3)

BUS 302 Micro Concepts in Contemporary Business (3)

BUS 303 Business Process Integration (3)


**ESP1 Entrepreneurship in Different Contexts Thematic Sequence:

ESP 311 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3)

ESP 366 Imagination and Entrepreneurship (3)

ESP 469 Entrepreneurship in Complex Organizations (3)

* Capstone

**Arts management minors who wish to complete the ESP 1 thematic sequence coursework are asked to declare the thematic sequence through the Page Center for Entrepreneurship.

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