Chemistry- Bachelor of Arts

For information, contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 160 Hughes Laboratories (513-529-2813).

This program is for students interested in a career in the life or health sciences, physical sciences related to chemistry, or in teaching chemistry in secondary school. Students who anticipate graduate study in chemistry should elect the B.S. Chemistry Program. Chemistry or required related courses cannot be taken on a credit/no-credit basis.

Program Requirements

(31 semester hours)

All of these:

CHM 141, 141H or CHM141R and

CHM 142, 142M or 142H College Chemistry (3, 3)

CHM144M or144H or with approval CHM 144 College Chemistry Lab(2)

CHM 145M or 145H or with approval CHM 145 College Chemistry Laboratory (2)

CHM 147 Introductory Seminar (1)

CHM 251, 252 Organic Chemistry for Chemistry Majors (3, 3) or

CHM 241, 242 Organic Chemistry (3, 3)

CHM 244, 245 Organic Chemistry Laboratory (2, 2)

CHM 363 Analytical Chemistry (3)

CHM 364 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (2)

CHM 471, 472 Biophysical Chemistry I, II (3, 3)

Related Hours (26-28 required)

All of these:

MTH 151, 251 Calculus I, II (5, 4) or equivalents

PHY 181, 182 General Physics (4, 4)

PHY 183, 184 General Physics Laboratory (1, 1)

Additional science courses:

Nine credit hours at the 200 level or above in one of the following departments: Botany, Geology & Environmental Earth Science, Engineering, Microbiology, Mathematics, Physics, or Zoology. Note: Pre-medicine students must take biological science courses.

Teaching licensure

Students who wish to combine teacher licensure with an Arts and Science major must observe the rules, procedures, and restrictions pertaining to admission to a licensure cohort as outlined in the School of Education and Allied Professions chapter. For information, contact the Office of Student Services in the School of Education, Health and Society, 202 McGuffey Hall (513-529-6418).

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