College Teaching- Certificate

This certificate program is available to master and doctoral candidates in any field of study across the university. Its purpose is to provide graduate students with the opportunity to develop their pedagogical knowledge and skill in an interdisciplinary manner that facilitates the development of teacher-scholars. The Certificate in College Teaching consists of a variety of course work and experiences guided by a student’s mentor. Students will select a mentor and develop a plan of study that addresses three major components: discipline specific teaching experience/study, interdisciplinary pedagogy, and instructional/learning theory. The plan of study is submitted to the College Teaching Certificate Committee for approval. Upon the completion of the program plan, the student and mentor will submit a statement indicating that the program plan was completed, including a self-assessment by the student and an assessment by the mentor, to the College Teaching Certificate Committee, who determines if the student has completed all program requirements. Only students enrolled in a masters or doctoral program that are in good academic standing will be admitted into the Certificate in College Teaching program. Courses taken to complete one’s degree can count toward the Theory program component and/or the Discipline program component. Students must have a 3.00 GPA in the Certificate courses to be awarded the Certificate in College Teaching. The Certificate in College Teaching will be awarded upon the completion of all certificate requirements and completion of a graduate degree (masters or doctoral). Students will NOT receive a State of Ohio certificate in teaching.

Certificate Program requirements: (12 hours)

Interdisciplinary Pedagogy

All of these:

GSC 601 Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement Program (1; maximum 2)

GSC 602 College Teaching (1)

GSC 603 Academic Cultures (1)


1-2 courses from the following list (or substitute courses that have been approved by the College Teaching Certificate Committee):

CHM 710A Topics in Chemistry Education: Chemistry Misconceptions and Conceptual Change (3)

CHM 710B Topics in Chemistry Education: Learning Theories in Chemistry (3)

EDL 621 Foundations of Multi-Cultural Education (3)

EDL 623 Philosophy of Education (3)

EDL 629 History of Education in America (3)

EDL 677 Student Development Theory I (3)

EDL 679 Higher Education in the United States (3)

EDP 603 Theories of Human Learning (3)

EDP 635 Theories of Human Development (3)

ENG 730 Studies in Composition Research and Pedagogy (4; maximum 12 toward any one degree)

ENG 734 Issues in Digital Composition Pedagogy (4; maximum 12)

FSW 581 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families (3)

PSY 551 Cognitive Neuroscience (3)

PSY 574 Advanced Cognitive Processes (3)

Discipline Specific Teaching Experience: (3-6 hours)

Contact the Graduate School for guidelines on completing this component.

Final Assessment

Submitted to the College Teaching Certificate Committee

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