Credit Hour Loads for Undergraduate Students

A full-time undergraduate student must register for at least 12 hours of academic work in a semester and shall be subject to all the rules, regulations, and fees governing regular Miami University student. A full-time graduate student must register for at least 9 hours of academic work in a semester.

A part-time undergraduate student, i.e., carrying fewer than 12 credit hours in a semester, must be a resident of Oxford or must commute from his or her home.

The maximum credit-hour limit for an undergraduate student is based upon courses taken at all locations of Miami University and is limited to 20 credit hours in a semester. The limit for all summer terms combined is 16 credit hours or 1.3 credit hours per week for overlapping summer sessions. A student who needs to exceed the maximum credit-hour limits must obtain permission from the dean of his or her division.

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