Criminal Justice: Associate in Applied Science

(67-68 semester hours)

Criminal Justice is the study of law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Graduates are employed as law enforcement officers; probation and parole officers; corrections officers; and may work within private security agencies. Courses required within this program may be applied to bachelor degree programs in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Sociology, Psychology, or Political Science.

For more information, contact the criminal justice coordinator on the Hamilton or Middletown campuses.

Program Requirements

First Year

All of these:

CJS 101 Intro to the Criminal Justice System (3)

CJS 125 Law and the Courts (3)

COM 135 Public Expression and Critical Inquiry (3)

ENG 111 Composition and Rhetoric (3)

MBI 111 Microorganisms and Human Disease (3)

MBI 131 Community Health Perspectives (2)

POL 142 American Politics and Diversity (4) or

BWS 151 Intro to Black World Studies (4)

PSY 111 Intro to Psychology (4)

SOC 151 Social Relations (4)

Second Year

All of these:

CJS 211 Law Enforcement (4)

CJS 220 Field Experience (3)

CJS 231 Law and Individual Rights (4)

CJS 232 Criminal Defense and Adjudication (4)

CJS 256 Police Organization, Administration, and Management (4)

CJS 271 Criminal Behavior (3) or

CJS 272 Forensic Evidence (3) or

CJS 276 Homeland Security and Critical Inc. Management (3)

CJS 282 Seminar in Criminal Justice (3)

ENG 215 Workplace Writing (3)

SOC 201 Social Problems (4) or

SOC 202 Social Deviance (4)

Related Elective

One of these:

CSE 151 Computers, Computer Science, and Society (3)

ENG 112 Composition and Literature (3)

STA 261 Statistics (4)

Fine Arts elective (3)

Physical Science elective (3-4)

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