Ecology - Certificate

For more information on this interdepartmental program, contact the director of graduate studies in one of the participating departments:

Department of Botany
316 Pearson Hall (513-529-4200)

Department of Geography
216 Shideler Hall (513-529-5010)

Department of Geology & Environmental Earth Science
114 Shideler Hall (513-529-3216)

Department of Microbiology
32 Pearson Hall (513-529-5422)

Department of Zoology
212 Pearson Hall (513-529-3100)

This certificate program is available to students who have been admitted to the Graduate School, earn either a Master's Degree or Ph.D. in one of the participating departments, and have met the requirements below. Students must also be admitted to a department, which is referred to as the student's "home" department.

Students must earn at least 18 credit hours, distributed as follows:

  1. one graduate course in population and/or community ecology
  2. one graduate course in ecosystem and/or global ecology
  3. one graduate course in the student's home department, not including those used to satisfy A or B above
  4. one graduate course in statistics or mathematical modeling
  5. at least two graduate seminars for the M.S. in Ecology: at least four graduate seminars for the Ph.D. in Ecology.

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