Economics- Master of Arts

For information, contact:
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Economics, Suite 2054 Farmer School of Business (513-529-2836)

This program prepares students for careers as professional economists, equipped to serve academia, government, and the business world. Accordingly, this program provides a background in economics that can serve as a terminal degree or preparation for further graduate study. Emphasis is on theoretical and statistical techniques used in the investigation of empirical problems.

The Farmer School of Business also offers a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Accountancy; these programs are described under their alphabetical listings.

Admission Requirements

Applicants should have completed, with a grade of C or better: intermediate-level courses in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, at least one course in calculus, and at least one course in statistics. Additional mathematics courses are strongly recommended. GRE examination scores and three letters of recommendation should be sent to the department address listed above.

Program Requirements

(35 semester hours)

Students are required to complete a 35-semester-hour program that normally consists of:

ECO 615 Advanced Microeconomic Theory (3)

ECO 617 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory (3)

ECO 640 Topics in Macroeconomics (3)

ECO 650 Topics in Microeconomics (3)

ECO 663 Econometrics (3)

ECO 671 Topics in Applied Econometrics (2)

ECO 672 Applied Time Series Analysis (2)

ECO 685 Graduate Research Methods (3)

Research paper prepared with supervision of a graduate faculty member (maximum 12 hours)

Students must pass a written, oral, or combined examination on their research paper and related study in economics.

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