General Studies: Associate in Arts

(64 semester hours)

This program is for students who want to complete their education in two years or temporarily stop before completing a four-year program. It is available to any student enrolled at any campus of Miami University who has not completed the requirements for a Bachelor's degree.

You may select any 12 of the required 64 semester hours from your division of major, as described below:

Program Requirements

  1. Sixty-four semester hours
  2. Miami Plan Foundation requirements
  3. Twelve semester hours in addition to those above in one of these areas of emphasis:
    • Humanities
    • Natural science*
    • Social science
    • Business
    • Education
    • Engineering and applied science
    • Fine arts
  4. Minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA
  5. Thirty-two semester hours from Oxford, Middletown, or Hamilton campuses
  6. Six of the final 10 semester hours from Miami
  7. No more than five semester hours of KNH 110-170

* Students with natural science emphasis cannot apply MTH 101 and MTH 102 to this degree.

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