(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Geology & Environmental Earth Science, 114 Shideler Hall (513-529-3216).

A minimum GPA of 2.25 is required for all courses in the minor. No courses may be taken credit/no-credit. This minor is not available to majors in geology, earth science, environmental earth science or earth science education. Courses must be selected observing all prerequisites. Substitutions may be made with approval of department.

Program Requirements

Choose ONE of the following:

GLG 111 The Dynamic Earth (3)

GLG 121 Environmental Geology (3)

GLG 141 Geology of U.S. National Parks (3)

This laboratory:

GLG 115L Understanding the Earth Lab (1)

Also required:

Complete the 18 semester hours with courses at 200 level or above. One course must be at 300 level or above.

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