Health Information Technology- Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

For information, contact the CIT Department Office on the Hamilton campus at 301 Mosler Hall (513-785-3132) or on the Middletown campus at 111 Levey Hall (513-727-3380).

The program in Health Information Technology (HIT) is a bachelor’s completion degree that addresses the technology and processes used by health care providers and related organizations. The program includes instruction in the technology used to acquire and direct the flow of information between the clinical, administrative, and financial systems in the healthcare industry as well as general principles of information technology. Students who complete the program will obtain a strong background in technology including database, problem-solving, systems analysis, and project management skills as well as a foundation in the culture of the healthcare system. This program prepares students for jobs that integrate healthcare and technology in the evolving U.S. healthcare system.

Admission to the major: Students must complete the following requirements before requesting to change their major to HIT: MTH 102 with a C or higher and credit for CIT 154 (or BTE 181 or CSE 148) and either set of (CIT 157 and 158) or (ZOO 171 and 172). Credit earned for these courses will be applied to the major requirements. Student may enroll as Pre-HIT majors until these requirements are met.

Program Requirements:

(128 Semester hours)

Prerequisite and foundation requirements (65-69 hours):

BTE 224 Medical Terminology (3)

CIT 154 Personal Computer Concepts and Applications (3)

CIT 157 Foundations of Information Technology I (3)

CIT 158 Foundations of Information Technology II (3)

CIT 214 Database Design and Development (3)

CIT 268 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (3)

CIT 276 Systems Analysis and Design (3)

COM 135 Introduction to Public Expression and Critical Inquiry (3) (MPF IIB)

CSE 163 Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programming (3)

MTH 102 Intermediate Algebra (3)

ZOO 171 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4) (MPF IVA, LAB)

ZOO 172 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4)

ZOO 325 Pathophysiology (4)

HIT Common Core:

CIT/CSE 262 Technology, Ethics, and Global Society (3) (MPF IIB, IIC)

CIT 348 Information Management and Retrieval (3)

CIT 358 Information Technology Assurance and Security (3)

CIT 431 Health Information Technology I (3)

CIT 432 Health Information Technology II (3)

CIT 448 Global and Strategic Issues in Information Technology (3)

ENG 215 Workplace Writing (3) or

ENG 313 Technical Writing (3)

ENT 316 Project Management (3)

NSG 321 U. S. Health Care System and Culture (3)

NSG 343 Health Care Informatics (3)

STA 261 Statistics (4) or equivalent

Miami Plan Thematic Sequence

Any Miami Plan Thematic Sequence (9)

Miami Plan Capstone

CIT 458 Collaborative System Development and Integration (3)

Additional coursework to meet bachelor's degree requirements of 128 earned credit hours.

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