Interdisciplinary Business Management- Bachelor of Science in Business

For information, contact the Student Services Office 1022 FSB (513-529-1712).

This curriculum is available to the business student whose career goals require a program that covers the broad area of business with an interdisciplinary focus. Beyond the business core taken by all business majors, this major features an advanced core of classes centered on economic, legal, managerial, and sales aspects of the business transaction. Students complete the major by taking added courses in one of three interdisciplinary areas of business: business legal studies, entrepreneurship, or international business.

This major is appropriate for the student who wishes to postpone specialization, the student who wants to display a strong interest in the international dimensions of business, the pre-law student who wishes to take pre-legal training in business, or the entrepreneur who plans to organize and operate their own business.

Students interested in Interdisciplinary Business Management major will meet with an advisor to discuss the program and officially declare the major.

Program Requirements

All of these:

BLS 442 Commercial Law (3)

MGT 303 Human Resource Management (3)

MKT 325 Consumer Behavior (4)

Select and complete one of the following tracks:

Business Legal Studies

Both of these:

BLS 464 International Business Law (3)

BLS 437 Cyberlaw (3)

Minimum of 8 hours from:

ACC 343 Federal Income Tax Accounting (3)

BLS 443 Property Law (3)

BLS 462 Estates, Wills, and Trusts (3)

BLS 465 Ethics, Law, & Business (3)

BLS 477 Independent Study in Legal Research (3)

ECO 325 Economic Analysis of Law (3)

ECO 385 Government and Business (3)

MGT 402 Employment Law (3)

POL/WGS 347 Women and the Law (3) or

POL 352 Constitutional Law and Politics (3) or

POL 353 Constitutional Rights and Liberties (3) or

POL 363 Administrative Law (3)


Both of these:

ESP 366 Imagination and Entrepreneurship (3)

ESP 467 Entrepreneurship: New Ventures (4)

Minimum 8 Hours from:

ESP 306 Financial Aspects of Entrepreneurial Ventures (3)

ESP 311 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3)

ESP 461 Small/Emerging Enterprise Consulting (3)

ESP 464 Social Entrepreneurship (3)

ESP 469 Entrepreneurship in Complex Organizations (3)

ESP 477 Independent Study in Entrepreneurship (3)

ESP 481 Technology, Products, and Ventures (3)

ESP 490 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship (1-3; maximum 3)

International Business

Both of these:

BUS 371 International Business (3) or

BUS 373 International Business (3)

ECO 344 International Economic Relations (3)

Minimum 8 Hours from:

ACC 383 Comparative Accounting (4)

BLS 464 International Business Law (3) or

BLS 483 Comparative International Law (4)

BUS 420 International Studies Programs (2; maximum 2)

FIN 417 International Business Finance (3)

MGT 304 Cross-Cultural Management (3)

MKT 425 Global Marketing (4)

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