Kinesiology- Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health

The Kinesiology major is for students interested in the scientific aspects of human movement. Kinesiology focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of interactions of physiological, anatomical, neuropsychological, and biomechanical factors that affect human health and performance. Skills learned in the classroom, laboratory and internships include assessing and developing effective strategies for enhancing health, improving performance, preventing diseases related to sedentary behavior and promoting the recovery of health in rehabilitation settings. State-of-the-art laboratories complement the classroom and foster critical thinking, reasoning, and other basic principles of liberal education, instrumental in careers in and outside of Kinesiology.

Program Requirements

Exploring KNH Matrix: (9 hours)

Requirements outside the KNH Dept. (24-25)

All of these:

CHM 141 College Chemistry (3) or

CHM 141R College Chemistry (3)

CHM 144 College Chemistry Lab (2)

CHM 142 College Chemistry (3)

CHM 145 College Chemistry Lab (2)

PHY 171 College Physics (3)

PHY 183 College Physics Lab (2)

STA 261 Statistics (4)

PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology (4)

ZOO 161 Human Physiology (4)

Requirements in KNH (24)

All of these:

KNH 184 Motor Skill Learning and Performance (3)

KNH 184L Motor Skill Learning and Performance Lab (1)

KNH 188 Physical Activity and Health (3)

KNH 244 Functional Anatomy (3)

KNH 244L Functional Anatomy Lab (1)

KNH 381 Biodynamics of Human Performance (3)

KNH 381L Biodynamics of Human Performance Lab (1)

KNH 382 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription (4)

KNH 468 Physiology and Biophysics of Human Activity (3)

KNH 468L Physiology and Biophysics of Human Activity Lab (1)

Engagement* (1)

* This requirement can be met by taking KNH 420, 453, 477, or Summer Scholars KNH 340U. The purpose is to comply with the University directive to provide "hands-on" learning involving an out-of-class experience.

Related Courses in KNH Area* (6)

Take two of these:

*Any course from KNH such as 102, 274, 276, 329, 375, 378, 409, 482, etc. that is not used in the Exploring KNH Matrix, and is not a Physical Activity Life Skills course.

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