Landscape Architecture

(22 semester hours)

Note: The landscape architecture minor is under review. For current program information, contact the Department of Architecture and Interior Design, 101 Alumni Hall (513-529-7210).

The minor in landscape design serves three primary purposes. First, it supports the learning of landscape issues within the disciplines of architecture and interior design. Second, it provides a directed sequence of interdisciplinary courses in the area of landscape studies for students who wish to broaden their knowledge of this subject. Third, it serves as a method of exploring landscape professions for those students who are considering this career path or further study at the graduate level.

Students interested in declaring this minor should contact the Department and arrange to meet with the coordinator of the minor. The program requires successful completion of 22 semester hours with a 2.00 GPA. All courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Program Requirements

Required Core - All of these (recommended in this order):

ARC 211 Introduction to Landscape and Urban Design (3)

ARC 335 Landscape: Inquiry and Experience (3)

ARC 435 Theory and History of Landscape Architecture (3)

ARC 430/530 Plants in Design (1-2)

One of these:

BOT 155 Field Botany (3) *

BOT 241 Botanical Principles in Landscape Gardening (3)

Three of the following (only one course may be at the 100 level):

AMS/HST 397 American Environmental History (3)

ATH 471/571 Ecological Anthropology (3) **

BOT 131 Plants, Humanity, and Environment (3) *

BOT 171 Ecology of North America (3)*

BOT 431/531/GEO 431/531 Plant Geography (3) **

GLG 121 Environmental Geology (3) *

GLG 207 Water and Society (3) **

GEO 221 Regional Physical Environments (3)**

GEO 437 Regional Land Use Capability Analysis (3)

GEO 451 Urban and Regional Planning (3)

GEO 454 Race, Urban Change and Conflict in America (3)

GEO 459/559 Advanced Urban and Regional Planning (3)**

IES 431/531 Principles and Applications of Environmental Science (3) **

PHL 376 Environmental Philosophy (4)

ZOO 121 Environmental Biology (4) *

* Miami Plan Foundation course
** Miami Plan Thematic Sequence Course

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