Molecular Biology- Certificate

For information, contact the director of graduate studies in one of these departments:

Department of Botany
316 Pearson Hall (513-529-4200)

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
160 Hughes Laboratories (513-529-2813)

Department of Microbiology
32 Pearson Hall (513-529-5422)

Department of Zoology
212 Pearson Hall (513-529-3100)

This certificate program is available to students who have been admitted to the Graduate School and have met program prerequisites. It is interdepartmental, drawing from the faculty of botany, chemistry and biochemistry, microbiology, and zoology. While based in one department, you have the opportunity to draw on the expertise, equipment, and course offerings of each of these departments.

Certificate Program Requirements

Core courses

CHM 533 Biochemistry (3)

BOT/MBI/ZOO 605 Advanced Molecular Biology (3)

BOT/MBI/ZOO 606 Advanced Cell Biology (3)

Molecular biology seminar (BOT/MBI/ZOO 650) requirement each semester

Department requirement

Generally, two to three additional courses required by your major department.

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