Non-degree Status

If you would like to take graduate-level courses, but do not intend to pursue a graduate degree, you can apply for admission with “continuing non-degree graduate status.” After you are admitted, you can earn an unlimited number of graduate hours within an indefinite period of time.

To apply for admission, submit to the Graduate School:

  • Completed admission application form;
  • Nonrefundable application fee;
  • Transcript of the highest degree earned from an accredited institution (not required if your highest degree was awarded by Miami University).

If you are admitted as a non-degree student, you will not be able to enroll in certain courses if the department or program has limited enrollment; students who have been admitted to a degree-granting program have first priority. Check with the department about enrollment restrictions. If you have been denied regular or conditional admission to a degree program, you can enroll in courses in that department as a non-degree student only if the department grants permission. If you take courses as a non-degree student after you have been denied admission as a degree student, these courses cannot be applied to a future degree program.

If you are a non-degree student (and have not previously applied for degree admission) and desire admission to a degree program, you must apply for admission and meet Graduate School and departmental standards for admission. No more than eight of the most recent graduate hours earned with non-degree status can be applied toward a graduate degree and then only with the approval of the department. All eight hours are subject to normal time limitations for credit toward a degree.

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