Repeating a Course

Effective First Semester 2012-13, a Course Repeat Policy is available for courses where the initial enrollment and completion was fall semester 2012 or thereafter. Degree seeking undergraduate students who are within their first 64 attempted credit hours at Miami University may repeat up to eight (8) semester hours and apply the policy. Degree seeking students with transfer work earned prior to first attending Miami University must be within their first 84 earned Miami credit hours. The policy will be applied to a student’s academic record upon completion of the repeated course and at the request of the student. Once processed, the decision is irrevocable. The full Policy can be found in the Student Handbook.

After the student exceeds the parameter of this policy, the following repeat policy is in effect. A student may repeat any course for which no credit has been granted. A student may repeat only once for credit a course in which credit has previously been earned. All grades are counted in the cumulative average, but the credit hours earned in the course will count only once toward graduation. This rule does not apply to those courses designated by a department as being repeatable, nor does it supersede Student Handbook, Section 1.2.H on repetition of credit/no-credit courses. A student may, with the instructor's permission, audit a course in which hours have previously been received toward graduation (see Student Handbook, Section 1.2.I).

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