Requirements of the Honors Plan

The Honors Plan is an integral part of a student’s curriculum. Honors students meet the following set of requirements:

  • Major Requirements
  • School/Divisional Requirements (Arts and Sciences; Business; Education, Health & Society; Engineering and Applied Sciences; or Fine Arts)
  • Liberal Education Requirements (i.e., Honors Plan, which is in lieu of the Global Miami Plan)
  • 128 credit hours to graduate

To complete the University Honors Program and graduate from the University Honors Program, students must:

Successfully complete an Honors Foundation course (i.e., AMS 180Y, AMS 180Z, or HON 181). These courses are designed to orient students to the University Honors Program requirements and philosophy.

  1. Write reflective narratives in your electronic portfolio to address the three tiers of Honors student learning outcomes. Tier 1 consists of introductory outcomes, tier 2 is dedicated to intermediate level outcomes, and tier 3 includes advanced outcomes.
  2. Complete a minimum of 9 approved Honors Experiences.* Honors Experiences are learning opportunities that have gone through an approval process that ensures they are aligned with the Honors student learning outcomes. Like outcomes, Honors Experiences are categorized in three tiers (introductory, intermediate and advanced). [*Students who are admitted to the University Honors Program after their first semester of college work with an Honors adviser to determine the specific number of Honors experiences they will need to complete.
  3. Complete one Honors sequence. A sequence consists of a tier 1, followed by a tier 2, followed by a tier 3 Honors Experience. The three Honors Experiences that make up your sequence are part of the total of 9 Honors Experiences that you need to complete.
  4. Submit your Honors electronic portfolio for review and meet with your honors adviser each year. During your meeting with your honors adviser, you will record your progress and plan the next steps in your educational journey.

All students who meet the above requirements will graduate from the University Honors Program. Students who meet the above requirements and also attain a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or higher when they graduate will also receive a "University Honors" transcript notation.

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