School Psychology- Master of Science, Specialist in Education

Professional Entry Program

This program leads to the specialist in education degree as well as to licensure as a professional school psychologist. A master’s degree is also earned during the course of study. Assessment, intervention and consultation training; school-based practicum experiences; and a full-time supervised nine- to 10-month internship are included in this three-year program. Your program of study must be approved by the department; minor substitutions can be approved. After you complete 39 hours in the foundation component and pass a comprehensive examination, you are awarded an M.S. degree and admitted to candidacy for the Ed.S. degree. After completing requirements for the professional practice component, which includes a thesis research project, you receive an Ed.S. degree.

Foundation component (39 semester hours)

EDP 596 Theory, Principles and Techniques of Behavior Management (3)

EDP 603 Theories of Human Learning (3)

EDP 604 Role and Function of the School Psychologist (3)

EDP 611 Psychoeducational Assessment and Interventions I (5)

EDP 651 Educational Research (3)

EDP 656 Education of Individuals with Exceptionalities (3)

EDP 658 Advanced Evaluation with Evidence-Based Interventions (3)

EDP 662 Personality Theories, Measures, and Techniques (3)

EHS 667 Behavioral Statistics (3)

EDP 672 Counseling Theories & Mental Health Intervention (3)

Professional practice component (60 semester hours)

EDP 612 Psychoeducational Assessment and Interventions II (5)

EDP 650 Seminar in Special Education (3)

EDP 652 Educational Research Practicum (3)

EDP 654 Counseling & Mental Health Practicum (4)

EDP 660 Practicum in School Psychology (4)

EDP 666 Educational Community Psychology: Consulting and Interviewing (3)

EDP 695 Supervised Public School Experience for School Psychology Students (1)

EDP 795 Internship (10)

EDP 796 Internship (10)

EDP 800 Research Project I, II (Thesis) (5, 5)

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