Spanish- Master of Arts

For information, contact:
Director of Graduate Studies*
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
268 Irvin Hall (513-529-4500)

*This program is not currently accepting applications.

Prerequisites and Admission

Applicants to the M.A. program in Spanish must have completed a B.A. degree (or its equivalent) with a major in Spanish or with a sound preparation in both Spanish language and Hispanic literatures and cultures. It is expected that the applicant will have a strong command of both written and spoken Spanish. This may be ascertained by means of an oral interview or a recorded biographical statement in Spanish prepared by the candidate to be submitted as part of the admission process. For international students, the application deadline is February 1. For domestic students, the deadline is March 15.

Program Requirements

(30 semester hours)

This program requires a minimum of 30 semester hours. For students holding graduate assistantships, the normal time to completion of the M.A. degree is four semesters. Varying degrees of emphasis between literature and linguistic study are possible depending on selection of courses. The following distribution is required of all students: 12 semester hours in literature, at least six hours of which must be in Spanish literature and at least six hours must be in Spanish American literature; a minimum of six semester hours in Hispanic linguistics. Up to three semester hours may be taken outside the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, whether at Miami or another university. The transfer of these credits must be approved in all cases by the Graduate Advisory Committee by way of petition.

This program requires a comprehensive written and oral examination, as well as a thesis. To be eligible for the examination, students may not have any incomplete grades. During the fourth semester, either in early January or around the Spring Break recess, students must pass a comprehensive exam. The date for the exam will be set by the third week of November in the semester prior to the exam.

The exam covers the three areas of interest of the program: Peninsular, Latin American, and Linguistics. Examinations will be based both on the course work that the student has taken and on the Master's Reading List. It is assumed that each student's set of examination questions will be different, depending on the courses taken. Each written exam will be evaluated as a whole by all three members of the examination committee; all three areas must be passed in order to proceed to the oral portion of the exam. An exam that is deficient in any area will result in failure for the entire exam. Failed sections must be rewritten, resubmitted, and reevaluated by the examination committee. A second failure will be deemed final.

Students will also write a thesis (60-80 pages in length) under the guidance of an appropriate faculty member of their choosing. The Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC) will appoint two additional members of the thesis committee in consultation with the director of the thesis. The committee's responsibilities include ensuring the quality of the written work in all respects and advising students when the thesis is ready for the oral defense. All theses will be written in Spanish. Students are advised to select a thesis topic and a director as early as possible. This should be done by the end of the first year.

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