Urban Design

(22 semester hours)

For information, contact the Department of Architecture and Interior Design, 101 Alumni Hall (513-529-7210).

Urban design is the study of human relationships and their expression in the physical landscapes that are cities. Urban environment is a physical manifestation of social values. Relations that comprise the realm of urban design involve not simply buildings and their creation, but the infrastructure, politics, economics, sociology, commerce, and history of cities. Students planning to pursue careers in government, public administration, social work, architectural design, planning, etc., find their interests served by this minor.

You should meet with the coordinator of urban design studies to work out a program of study. Minimally, your program will include 22 semester hours completed with a 2.50 GPA. Courses must be taken for a grade (not credit/no-credit).

Program Requirements

Basic course work. All of these:

ARC 211 Introduction to Landscape and Urban Design (3)

GEO 201 Geography of Urban Diversity (3) *

POL 261 Public Administration (4)*

Nine semester hours from these:**

ARC 405C Typology and Regionalism (3)

ARC 405Q Housing Case Studies (3)

ARC 422 History Of Urbanization (3)

ARC 426 Architecture and Society (3)

ARC 427 American City Since 1940 (3)

ARC 435 Theory and History of Landscape Architecture (3)

FSW 261 Diverse Families Across the Life Cycle (3) *

GEO 451 Urban and Regional Planning (3)

GEO 454 Urban Geography (3)

GEO 458 Cities of Difference (3)

GEO 459 Advanced Urban and Regional Planning (3)

POL 364 Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations (3)

POL 467 Public Budgeting (3)

POL 468 Public Personnel Administration (3)

SOC 201 Social Problems (4)

SOC 347 Urban Sociology (3)

Other course work is subject to approval by the coordinator.

* Miami Plan Foundation course
** Architecture majors: six of these nine hours must be from outside architecture; non-architecture majors: six of these nine hours must be architecture courses.

Three semester hours from the following as approved by coordinator:

Independent Study/Field Study

Municipal Internship

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