ZOOLOGY COURSES (ZOO-Arts and Science)

Note: Unless specifically noted in a course description, the following describes the Zoology course numbering system:

100-level: ordinarily taken at introductory level, with no prerequisite.

200-level: prerequisite is six semester hours of college biological science; in addition, certain course prerequisites may be stated. Ordinarily taken by sophomores.

300-level: prerequisite is six semester hours of biological science; specific course prerequisites may be stated for some courses.

400/500 level: either undergraduate or graduate credit may be earned. Prerequisite is 18 semester hours of biological science; other courses may be specified as prerequisites as well.

Note: Only three credit hours of research or internship apply toward advanced hour requirement in zoology. All zoology courses satisfy the CAS-D biological science requirement. Laboratory courses are noted at the end of each description.

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