American Studies

(18 semester hours)

For information, contact the Director of the American Studies Program (513-529-5333).

This interdisciplinary minor is open to all students and provides valuable context for majors from across the university including business, communication, education, fine arts and science; it also complements well-established liberal arts fields such as political science, English, history, sociology, and psychology. Focusing broadly on American culture and society in global context, the minor fosters critical and creative thinking, intercultural awareness, interdisciplinary research skills, synthetic analytical skills, strong writing and oratory skills, an understanding of multiple kinds of media and texts, and a broad understanding of social, cultural, and historical contexts—skills necessary to succeed in professional work in any field. Students take three core courses in American Studies and then work with the program director to develop an area of concentration that reflects their specific intellectual interests This allows students to individually tailor the minor to support work they are doing in their major field.

Program Requirements

All of these:

AMS 205 Introduction to American Studies (3)

AMS 206 Approaches to American Culture (3)

AMS 301 American Identities (3) or

AMS 302 Transnational America (3)

American Culture Focus:

With the approval from the program director, choose 9 additional semester hours from AMS courses cross-listed with other departments or courses examining U.S. society and culture offered by other departments.

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