Applied Music

You must audition to qualify for studio lessons in applied music. Requirements with course descriptions for each area (voice, piano, etc.)

Study in applied music consists of one-hour private lessons, given weekly, and periodic studio classes. Students majoring in Music Performance enroll for MUS 144, 244, 344, 444, 544, 644 and receive 3-4 credits. All other majors, minor or elective study students enroll for MUS 142, 242, 342, 442, 642 and receive 2 credits.

Applied music course numbers designate level of instruction (freshman through senior, and graduate). The first digit of each number shows the level of instruction. The letter following the number designates the specific applied music area, as follows:

A- Voice

K- Trombone

B- Piano

L- Euphonium

D- Flute

M- Tuba

E- Clarinet

N- Percussion

F- Saxophone

O- Violin

G- Oboe

P- Viola

H- Bassoon

R- Cello

I- Trumpet

S- String Bass

J- French Horn

T- Harp

For example, MUS 142A signifies freshman-level voice.

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