Applying a Transfer Course to the Global Miami Plan

If you believe a course taken at another university or college satisfies the spirit of the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education requirement, but does not correspond to a specific course, you may petition the Liberal Education Council to apply the course toward the Global Miami Plan. Obtain a petition from the Office of Liberal Education or its website (, request the chair of the appropriate Miami department to evaluate your transfer course, and then present the petition to the Office of Liberal Education. A syllabus of the course must be attached to the petition.

Capstones are designed to culminate your baccalaureate study and are rarely taken off-campus or transferred from another institution. Students who plan to transfer any course to meet the Capstone requirement must obtain permission from the Office of Liberal Education before they take the course.

If the English composition requirement (Foundation I) was waived for you by another school, Miami’s English department will evaluate your eligibility for a similar waiver. In most cases, students are asked to submit a portfolio of their writing. Contact the English department for detailed instructions on preparing your portfolio. The department will notify the University Registrar and the Office of Liberal Education of its decision. No petition is required for this procedure.

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