ARC 404/504, 405/505, 406/506 Seminars (1-3)

Courses in three of the primary curricular areas: communication process; history and theory; environmental systems. Offerings vary. May include: housing, contemporary architecture theory and practice, vernacular architecture, urban studies, architectural theory, exploration of graphic media, advanced work in building systems, etc. Seminar descriptions available at departmental office during preregistration each semester. Non-majors encouraged to seek course work in their area of interest.

ARC 4042 Orientation To Ghana

ARC 4043 Metals for Architecture Modeling

ARC 4046 Macromedia Flash Animation

ARC 4047 Web Design

ARC 4048 Turkish Culture, History & Language

ARC 404C Building Information Modeling

ARC 404D Watercolor

ARC 404E Marker

ARC 404F Portfolio

ARC 404G Multi-Media Representation

ARC 404H Digital Design & Fabrication

ARC 404J Model Making Workshop

ARC 404K Pattern and Ornament

ARC 404L Adobe Illustrator 101

ARC 404M Papermaking

ARC 404N Basic Twi

ARC 404P Advanced Visualization

ARC 404Q Daylighting Design

ARC 404R Rendering Techniques

ARC 404S Drawing & Hybrid Media

ARC 404V Film & Mixed Media

ARC 404X Advanced Woodworking

ARC 404Y Mind And Medium

ARC 404Z Public Speaking & Presentation

ARC 4054 Contemporary Chinese Architecture

ARC 4055 Project Implementation Process

ARC 4056 Analyzing Architecture

ARC 405C Seminar On Typology And Regionalism

ARC 405D Greek & Roman Architecture

ARC 405F Recent French Architecture

ARC 405G Gothic Architecture

ARC 405I Renaissance Architecture

ARC 405J Contemporary ARC Issues in Europe

ARC 405K Modern Vernacular

ARC 405M Architecture of Russia

ARC 405Q Housing Case Studies

ARC 405V Film & Mixed Media

ARC 405X Design and Media

ARC 405Y Frank Lloyd Wright & Modernism

ARC 405Z Designing for Social Change

ARC 406A Design Details

ARC 406B Energy and Sustainability

ARC 406C Sustainable Design

ARC 406D Passive and Low Energy Design

ARC 406F Bldg Codes, Est. & Cost Mgt

ARC 406G Energy & Sustain - Acoustics

ARC 406J Architectural Development

ARC 406K Intro to Design & Const Mgt

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