Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies

AIMS is the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies. AIMS empowers students, faculty, and industry to innovate through digital disruption and emerging technology. AIMS is a "horizontal program" that crosses all of Miami University, with faculty, students, and labs in all of the divisions: Arts & Science, Business, Creative Arts, Education, Engineering, and Libraries. AIMS offers a major in the School of Creative Arts, a co-major and minors, including a game minor in the College of Arts and Science as well as a number of graduate offerings.

AIMS emphasizes cross-functional knowledge and places a heavy emphasis on making. Students in AIMS develop depth in areas as diverse as web and app design/development, user experience design, social media, digital marketing, design thinking, visualization, game design and development, games and learning, digital and algorithmic art, robotics, mechatronics, mobile development, and digital entrepreneurship.

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