ART 3 Metals Studio.

Explores and develops concepts, critical aesthetic thinking, methods, techniques, and materials as applied to the process of designing and making of jewelry, holloware, as well as functional and nonfunctional objects in non-precious and precious metals. Metals as a visual language is taught through research, interaction, production, and verbal critique with a focus on further development toward a more significant personal expression at the 300 level.

Prerequisite: ART 171 Visual Fundamentals 3-D (3), or ARC 101, 102 Environmental Design Studio (5, 5).

1. ART 264 Jewelry Design and Metals I (3); and

2. ART 364 Jewelry Design and Metals II (3); and

3. ART 365 Jewelry Design and Metals III (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Art.

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