ART 5 Three-Dimensional Art Studio.

Explores and develops concepts, techniques, materials, methods, and critical aesthetic thinking as applied to the process of making three-dimensional objects. Three-dimensional art as a nonverbal language is taught through research, production, viewing, interaction, and verbal critique with a focus on further development toward a significant personal expression. Begins with the departmental core course then provides a broad experience of working in three disciplines: metals, ceramics, and sculpture.

Prerequisite: ART 171 Visual Fundamentals 3-D (3), or ARC 101, 102 Environmental Design Studio (5, 5).

Courses may be taken in any order:

  1. ART 261 Ceramics I (3); and
  2. ART 264 Jewelry Design & Metals I (3); and
  3. ART 271 Sculpture I (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Art.

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