Asian/Asian American Studies

(18 Semester Hours)

For information contact the Asian/Asian American Studies Program, 276 Bachelor Hall (513-529-7357).

The Asian/Asian American Studies (AAA) minor provides a critical understanding of political-economic relations, historical and socio-cultural formations, ethno-linguistic and religious practices, and literary and artistic representations regarding Asia and communities of Asian descent in the U.S. and in the diasporas. By deploying a transnational and transcultural approach the AAA minor moves beyond the object-oriented area studies model and the nationalistic identity politics paradigm. With a focus on issues of sameness and difference and by paying particular attention to different forms of discursive expression and political transformation its innovative course of study brings together the study of Asia and Asian America through a critical and comparative lens.

Program Requirements:

Foundation Course (3 hours):

AAA 201 Introduction to Asian/ Asian American Studies (3)

Core Courses (6 hours):

AAA/REL 203 Global Religions of India (3)

AAA/SOC 207 China and Globalization (3)

AAA/ENG 350E Asian/Asian American Cinema (3)

AAA/ENG/WGS 351 Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Asian/America (3)

Capstone (3 hours):

AAA 410 Topics in Asian/Asian American Studies (3)

Related Courses (6-8 hours):

Two Courses: Choose one from each of two of the following thematic clusters:

Thematic Cluster A: Comparative Perspective:

AAA/SOC/FSW 363 Sociology of Families (3)

ENG 348 Ethnic American Literatures (3)

HST 434 China along the Silk Road before 1600 (3)

KNH 499P Health and Culture – US and Asia*

POL 326 Comparative Ethnic Politics (3)

* This is a summer workshop and it carries 5 credit hours.

Thematic Cluster B: Cultural Analysis and Political Economy:

GEO 308 Geography of East Asia (3)

POL 328 Politics of Central Asia (3)

POL 335 Politics of East Asia (4)

POL 375 International Relations of East Asia (3)

Thematic Cluster C: Transnational & Transcultural Expressions in Art, Literature, and Religion

AAA/ENG 369 Colonial and Postcolonial Literature (3)

AAA/ENG 470E Studies in Literary Theory: Food and Power (3)

ENG/AMS 248 Asian American Literature (3)

REL 202 Religions of Asia (3)

WGS/BWS/ENG 432 Feminism and the Diaspora: U.S. Women of Color (3)

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