Associate’s Degree

An associate’s degree, generally offered only on the regional campuses, requires:

  • At least 64 semester hours, including 16 hours from Hamilton or Middletown campuses (An exception to this is the Associate in Arts; see below.)
  • Fulfillment of the Miami Plan for Liberal Education appropriate to your associate’s degree
  • Six of your last 10 hours must be taken at Miami University
  • At least a 2.00 cumulative GPA
  • Fulfillment of your program requirements
  • Applying for graduation whether or not you plan to attend the ceremony

If you continue your education past 64 semester hours and your GPA falls below 2.00, you can still receive an associate’s degree if your GPA was 2.00 at the time you finished 64 semester hours and your degree requirements. Your academic record will show when you have completed the requirements, and your associate’s degree will be awarded at the next commencement.

Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts in general studies is available to any Miami University student. For this degree, 32 of the required 64 semester hours must be from any Miami campus. See the program requirements in the Miami University Hamilton and Middletown section.

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