ATH 4 World Cultures, Policy, and Ecology.

Provides an appreciation of human cultural diversity and envelops anthropological approaches to understanding diversity in political, economic and environmental organization and practice.

1. ATH 145 Lost Cities & Ancient Civilizations (3) (MPF), or
ATH 155 Introduction to Anthropology (4) (MPF) or
ATH 175 Peoples of the World (3) (MPF), or
ATH 185 Cultural Diversity in the U.S. (3) (MPF); and

2. One of the following courses on a World Area:
ATH 303 Native American Cultures (4), or
ATH 304 Native North America: Anthropological Perspectives (3), or
ATH 305 Latin America: Anthropological Perspectives (3), or
ATH 306 Russia and Eurasia: Anthropological Perspectives (3), or
ATH 307 The Middle East: Anthropological Perspectives (3), or
ATH 308 South Asia: Anthropological Perspectives (3), or
ATH 329 Religions of Africa (3), or
ATH 364 Language and Cultures in Native North America (3), or
ATH/BWS 366 African Oral Traditions (3); and

3. Take one of the following courses on anthropological topics in world cultures:
ATH 409 Sustainability: European challenges and strategies (3), or
ATH 411 Applied Anthropology (3), or
ATH 431 Origins of the State (3), or
ATH 471 Ecological Anthropology (3)

Note: Not open to anthropology majors.

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