Business-Economics- Bachelor of Science in Business

For information, contact the Department of Economics, 2054 FSB (513-529-2836).

This curriculum is for students primarily interested in economics but who also desire a broad background in business. It helps you understand objectives and functions of a private enterprise economy, fundamentals of economic analysis, and how to integrate economic principles with various areas of business administration. The program also teaches how to use economic analysis as a major tool in reaching independent, well-considered judgments.

Course work involves both required theory courses and electives. Theory courses provide common analytical background of modern economics and serve to build analytical skills. The generous number of electives allows you to pursue different fields, depending on your interests and educational background.

Honors in Economics

For details on honors in economics please see the departmental website.

It is highly recommended that ECO 311 be completed by the end of your junior year.

Special Curriculum Requirements

The department requires all economics majors to complete at least nine hours of advanced economics (above 300 level) at Miami, including ECO 315 and 317. Any transfer credit exception for these two courses must be approved by the director of undergraduate studies in the department.

Program Requirements

All of these:

ECO 311 Examining Economic Data and Models (3)

ECO 315 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (3)

ECO 317 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (3)


Fifteen additional hours in economics, at least six of those hours must be in courses that require ECO 315 and/or ECO 317 as prerequisite(s).

At least nine hours of advanced economics (300-level and above) as well as ECO 315 and ECO 317 must be taken at Miami. Up to three hours of Summer Scholar credit can be applied toward the 15 hours of advanced economics. Exceptions must be approved by the director of undergraduate studies.

GPA requirement:

You must achieve at least a 2.00 GPA in all economics courses taken.

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