Choosing a Major and Making Career Choices

This is never a simple decision. Many students change majors at least once.

Although you do not need to choose a specific major, you will need to choose a division when you register. If you are undecided, you are assigned to the College of Arts and Science for advising purposes. In most cases, if you use your first year to take courses that fulfill the Miami Plan and divisional requirements, you can still complete a major program with no delay. However, to complete some majors in a four year time period, you must begin them as a first year student.

To make academic and career choices, you need to consider your interests and abilities. By now you probably have a strong sense of your academic strengths and weaknesses. Your interests, however, are still developing and, like more specific skills, depend on exposure to various activities and ideas.

Career Services, located at 200 Hoyt Hall on Western Campus, can also help with your major and/or career search. It has an extensive Career Resource Center with numerous career-related books and directories and computer-assisted career guidance programs. The Career Services website provides useful career information and links to dozens of other career-related sites. Career Services offers standardized career assessments to help you learn about your interests, abilities, and values and to relate them to your academic and career choices. Career Assistants can help you work through the decision-making process and find needed resources. They can also make Career Advising appointments for you with the professional staff to help you make career and/or major-related decisions.

A two-credit-hour course, EDL 100 Career Development and the College Student, provides opportunities to learn more about selecting a career and appropriate major. It is offered to first- and second-year students. Call Career Services to inquire about this (513-529-3831).

If you want help with job search skills (e.g. resume help, job or internship search strategies) or need information about specific careers or internships, you can also visit Career Services. This office hosts 300-350 employers each year for on-campus interviews. Career and job-search advising is available by appointment and during specified walk-in hours.

A second two credit hour course, EDL 302 Career Entry Skills/Post-College Planning is designed to assist students in making the transition from college to the world-of-work, service and/or graduate or professional school. This course covers skills related to attaining career goals, and is offered to juniors and seniors.

Finally, don't forget to talk with advisers in any academic division or department; they can advise you on curriculum, career opportunities within fields, and opportunities for advanced study.

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